General Tournament Rules


Basic Rules for Players: 

1. The participant needs to pay the tournament fee in full before the tournament starts.
2. The participant should not quit the tournament in the middle of the day.  If the player gets sick or encounter emergency situations during the tournament and have to leave, the match is still in progress will be marked as loss. The rest of the matches for the day will also be marked as loss.
3. Players should not talk during the match or do any activities that disturb the opponent
4. Players should not walk around and watch other’s matches while their own game is not finished.
5. Players should not comment on other’s games during the match.
6. Players should be polite and dress appropriately.
7. Players should listen and follow to the judgment by the judges.

Rules during the Match 
1. If one player played two stones consecutively while other player has not agreed to pass, the player who played consecutively will be judged as losing the game.
2. If the player takes back a stone after it has been placed on the board,  the player who takes back the stone will be marked as losing the game.  For children’s match, the judge will give one warning. After the first warning, the judge will mark the game as lost.
3. If a stone is accidentally dropped on to the board, the player can pick it back and play it on the intended location. However, if the accidental drops happened on purpose or happened more than twice, the player who dropped the stone will be marked as lost.
4. During the game, if the players have noticed a stone or a group of stone’s position has been moved, the players can decide whether to place it back to where it should be, or agree that the current position is valid. If the players cannot decide, please call the judge.

Depends on the importance of the moved stones, the judge may ask the players to:
a. Place the stone to original position
b. Accept the stone’s current position
c. Mark the game as invalid
d. Mark one player as lost if the player has moved the stones on purpose 

Time & Using the Clock
1. Each player has a set amount of time, when the time is up, the byo-yomi starts. Player should raise their hand and call the judge to start the byo-yomi.
2. Player can leave seat to go to the washroom, but the clock will not be paused. This means the player take responsibility of the time lost.
3. The player should only touch the clock after placing each move. If a player does notfollow the rule and presses the clock randomly, the judge has the right to stop the game and mark the player as lost.
4. Players need to press the clock to record time after the stone has been securely placed on the board and all stones without liberty have been taken off board.
5. If the player run out of time during byo-yomi (did not play 25 stones within 10 minutes), the player is marked as lost due to lack of time.

Ending the game
1. If both players agree that their game has finished, a judge will be called to calculate the points and announce the winner of the game.
2. If the game still has areas that are incomplete, and the judge is unable to determine the winner, the judge can ask the players to continue play until it is possible to determine who wins.
3. If one player reigns in the middle of the game, the player who reigned is marked as lost. The player cannot take the words back to continue play.
4. If the judge announces one player has lost due to breaking the exam rules, the player must obey and leave the seat.

Responsibility of participants 

1. The participant has the responsibility to obey the rules of the tournament and the decision from the judges
2. The participant has the responsibility to clean the go board at the end of each game
3. The participant has the responsibility to report to the judge when illegal moves are made.
4. The participant has the responsibility to tell the opponent where they placed the stone while the opponent was away from his/ her seat.

Most of the information are collected from Golden Key Go School Site:

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