KGS User Manual


KGS User Manual

Step 1: Download KGS from the website:

  • Choose either for Windows or Mac version
  • Download to your computer

Step 2: Open KGS on your computer – register for a player account

  • Fill in the Account Name and choose Guest to sign in.

Step 3: Create a permanent account

  • Finder Users —- Register

  • Fill in your Real Name and Email address

  • Confirmation of Real Name and Email address – Activation Email containing your account name and temporary password.

  • Go back to KGS – login with your temporary account name and password, change it to your own password.

Step 4: Creating a Match on KGS

  • Search for the competition room

  • Find the players in the competition room and create a match

  • Set the rules of the game and the timing according to the competition rules (make sure you read the competition rules and name the title correctly).

  • Check to see if your game has started and all the settings are correct

Step 5: Time to play the game!!!